Our Team

Where Caring Meets Compassion
  Isata N. Bryemah, BSN, RN

 Isata is the Administrator at Securehealth Services, LLC. She has worked in several capacities in the healthcare industry in the state of Pennsylvania over two decades. She has a Nurse Manager Training Certificate and also completed an  End-Of-Life Training Course. Her passion for helping others is unmatched. She is indeed a team player.                               

Our Team
Our team provides innovative and personalized Home healthcare Services to patients in their homes.  Whenever you decide, be assured that we will be willing and available to work with your physician to handle your Home Healthcare needs.                                                 

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Johnnie Bryemah Ph.D.

Johnnie Kormah Bryemah, Ph.D., is a Managing Partner of Securehealth Services, LLC. He holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Education, Bachelor Degree in Theology, Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Ph.D. in Public Safety with specialization in Emergency Management. Dr. Bryemah brings to his work extensive administrative and managerial experience.